Jul 26, 2010

“Cause I slaved my whole life, now I’m the Master…”

I’ve been thinking about the topic of “The black man’s plight” for quite some time and, in my head, the answers to all our woes seem obvious. However, writing them down in a thought provoking and cohesive manner proved to be more than difficult because the question became “where the hell do I start?” The topic is so broad, so convoluted, so simply conflicting that I had no idea where to begin... I decided to tackle it as it comes mind.

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Violence is prevalent in our urban communities, so much so that it becomes something we joke about. People of other races are fearful of coming to our neighborhoods because they “heard it’s not safe”. A friend of mine once had a “big sister” assigned to her who was white. After her first visit there the big sister decided that she couldn’t be her big sister because of the area she lived in. Apparently, “crack heads” and black women “threw rocks at her on her way home”… Do you believe that crap? Cause I don’t. I swear I couldn’t make that story up even if I wanted to.
Even though being senselessly violent is wrong (sometimes you do have to whoop a chick if she’s not getting it the passive way… peace and love first!), can you really blame a black man/woman for being angry inside? Not saying it’s right for them to kill and rob but I will say monkey see monkey do (no pun intended *:-D*. Maybe the violence black men have so inherently ingrained in the very essence of their being is from the obviously forgotten fact that they are considered sub-standard citizens; who from birth have a shadow over them. Without a good home (as many of them don’t have thanks to the beautiful system William lynch concocted) that gives them an even slimmer chance of surviving; leaving the wounds of hurt to fester and giving the anger inside a place to settle.

Tell me, do you think that the rich Portuguese, English, French or Dutchman was angry when:
• he rounded up slaves

• threw ‘em on a boat
• barely fed them
• chained them to each other
• threw some of them over the side of the boat (with a boulder attached to their legs) when food got light or people came to inspect the ship
• put them to work in the hot sun for 12 hour days
• beat the shit out of them, sometimes literally, if they got thirsty (god forbid hungry!)

... Nah… he wasn’t angry, he was just being a “business man”.

So if that can be done by a “civilized” and “social” creature with “upstanding values” then damn… I REALLY don’t want to know what living like an uncivilized “jungle-bunny” is. I am quite baffled as to how some people can’t POSSIBLY understand or fathom how living in a disenfranchised and politically/socio-economically f*cked up community can make you angry enough to kill someone.
White men have been the catalyst in the downfall of multiple African nations as well as the detrimental factor in the denigration of prominent black societies even here in America. If you really want some true gangsters that you should be afraid of, corporate America is the “Scarface” of the world. In business suits and briefcases these men decide what your life is essentially going to be worth and how “low” that glass ceiling is going to placed above that head of yours.

But truthfully… I’m not mad at them. When opportunity knocks, you better answer that door!

I won’t place ALL of the blame on the dead ancestors of the men running our countries now… nope, not at all. I put half the blame on OUR dead ancestors running not a damn thing now. They sold our asses off for some Goose and a gun… Shameful considering WE taught the Europeans how to smelt iron, then they turned around, made a gun a shot it at us *KANYE SHRUG* go figure… If you ask me, playing passive got our asses WHOOPED!

Okay, in all seriousness, I think what has been to the vast detriment of our society and culture as a whole is, not only being divided, but being COMFORTABLE with being divided. Nationalism is only a weakness in the human characteristic that forces us to be perpetually separated because of our need for stability and feeling like we are "APART" of something bigger than ourselves i.e "the greater good" bullsh*t they feed us.

Have we forgotten that we bleed the same blood, have the same features (unless you’re lil kim who now looks like… I don’t even know), and require the same basic things to sustain ourselves on this planet? Last time I checked we all need the same things on a basic level; so why it that we feel the need to separate ourselves?

Well this sounds like a new topic for me to hurt my head over, once I figure it out, I’ll be sure to follow up with y’all.


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