Jul 26, 2010

Meet The City Girl.

Who am I???

A fun loving, charismatic, singer girl; living in a big city with even bigger delusions of grandeur.

I started this blog because, as I go through my everyday life, I’ve realized that I have A LOT to say! If we only use 10% of our human intellectual capacity, I think I give my brain AT LEAST a 2% overload! I am a constant ball of thought, and at times, it’s overbearing on my little brain so I needed an outlet.

“Confessions of a Confused City Girl” is about me, Sherine, versus the city of New York (or wherever the wind blows me). The rendezvous of my life (or lack thereof, depending on who you ask) and my thoughts on everything and anything will be up for discussion.

I say what I feel, so one thing I will not be doing in this blog will be apologizing for my thoughts, opinions, or feelings. I never have before and I won’t start now. With that said, WELCOME TO MY WORLD!!!!!!

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