Aug 23, 2010

Fried Ice Cream = My cryptonite

This summer i found myself eating at lot's of different places. Thai, Indian, Traditional etc.... Sidenote: and i wondered why i didn't lose as much weight as i wanted... DAMN IT! I digress...

Anywho, i went to this AMAZING Thai food place that is tucked away downtown Brooklyn. The food there was good but the fried ice cream.... BANGING! (In "ebonics" that means amazing, wonderful, delicious etc. when used in context.)

They lit the rasberry sauce on fire and i was so excited!
I tried to get it while the flame was still going, but by the time the happiness subsided the flame was almost out lol.

Breaking into it for the first time, i felt like a sinner getting a chance to walk into heaven :-)

And by the time i got to the end, i was happier than a crooked politician!

That place was amazing! If you ever try Thai food, save room for dessert, you will be glad you did!



  1. I've been seeing fried ice creams on stores but I've never dared try it as it sounds kinda weird. But this looks yummy so I might try it. :)

  2. It IS yummy! DEfinitely try it, you wont be mad! Let me know how that goes

  3. That looks DEE-lish! I want some!


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