Sep 12, 2010

My "Fashion's Night Out"

 N.E.R.D's Pharell and Chris Brown perform

So i spent my Fashion's night out in SoHo. It was sheer madness... but in a GREAT way. The streets were alive and buzzing with fashionista's, celebs, and everyone in-between. I wasn't quite prepared for the craziness, but i took it in stride.
Click "read more" for some more pictures
Along with N.E.R.D and Chris Brown, i spotted Andre Harrell from Bad Boy, Spike Lee (who was RUDE *hmph*), Wilson Chandler from the Knicks, and Rita Ora of Roc Nation.
The one person who WANTED TO SEE was Kanye, my uncle in my head, but i missed him :-/ Maybe next year!

I took the pics w/ my phone's cam so that's why they're blurry but you get the point! Click the pics to enlarge

N.E.R.D and Chris killed it in front of the BBC store
*Sidenote* If i see Chris dougie ONE MORE DAMN TIME though, imma buss' him upside his head.

Wilson Chandler and Chantal

Channy! And i didn't even notice Rita Ora in the back until i looked at the pic at home #FAIL

SoHo was a mad house! It got worse at night but i was over taking pictures at that point lol. Next year shall be fun :-D


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