Sep 18, 2010

My "Turkish Cuisine" Experience

I was going through a "moment" one day this week and my friend called me in the nic of time. I'm never one to "complain", because usually I’m the one listening, but she sensed that something was wrong.

Instead of sitting in the house, she made me go downtown Brooklyn with her. I agreed for the simple fact that, if nothing else made me feel better, retail therapy is always good :-)

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 So I ventured off with her and went to Barnes and Nobles and then MAC (told you, retail therapy is great).
We ended up getting hungry and wanted to try something new.
We walked up and down the back streets of downtown and decided on a nice little Turkish Restaurant because they had an open terrace.

The d├ęcor of the place was really intimate but when we got outside I was so ecstatic! It was like not even being in BK…

My friend and i looked at the menu and i wasn't to sure if i'd like it after all. The dishes involve a lot of yogurt and veggies... When you're sad, yogurt and veggies are not really what you want to see lol.

My friend decided to be experimental (more power to her) and try "Calf's Liver" as her appetizer. I passed.
The appetizers were good for a vegan (minus the calf liver)… I like meat so… lol
FYI: She didn't like it lol

Chicken Kebob
Adana Kebob    

When the food came i changed my mind! It was SOOOO delicious! It was seasond right, the veggies were crisp and yummy... Everything was good.

My friends plate after finishing

After some chardonnay, a great meal, and lots of laughs, my friend and i wanted traditional dessert so we ordered Baklava and Turkish tea.


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  1. You're better than me She She because I would NEVER try Turkish food.. Happpy you two enjoyed


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