Sep 15, 2010

New Video: Kelly Rowland "Rose Colored Glasses"

"Everything is beautiful when you're looking through rose coloured glasses. Everything seems amazing when you see the view through rose coloured glasses...Take 'em off."

Kelly Rowland premiered her video for "Rose Colored Glasses" on VEVO. The video was directed by Rankin. 
Check out the clip below…

Ugh! Miss Kelly looks AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL! From her beautifully toned arms, stunning face, and fierce fashion, Kelly simply killed this video.
I REALLY like this song. It’s just a well-constructed record, it's emotional, it's beautiful, subtle, and it’s a good sound for her.
Kelly makes  a few style changes. She has a tailored suit, a gorgeous dress (which looked almost like this ASOS BLACK Lace Overlay Crini Dress) ,and even gives a bit of Donna Summer in one of those looks.
Her acting skills were definitely on point! I got chills!

Check her out performing it live & explaining it for iheartradio:

Click to make larger


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