Sep 30, 2010

New Video: Rick Ross "Aston Martin Music"

I love this song. It's one of my favorites on the "Teflon Don" album.
Ricky Rozay looks his usual dapper self... Giving us his "big-boi fly" steez.
Chrisette looks GREAT! I love the red lips and those aviator shades make me happy inside!
Drizzy with his little adorably odd/cornball swag makes him so cute to me! That damn right hand of his has its own mind though...

And i must point out, as an Advertising/PR major i laughed at a couple scenes. Diddy is a genius. Y'all didn't know it, but he was in the video too. Everytime the camera did a close-up shot of the rasberry Ciroc, Diddy got paid. Let us all give Diddy a clap for that one lol.



  1. Pfft, Chrisette is a biter. I've BEEN doing natural hair and red lips! LOL

  2. I LOVE this song. I been bumpin this song for the last couple days and come to your place and 'taa daaa' here it is too lol..I guess great minds think alike!

    And the great omnipotent Diddy is a whole topic of discussion in his self SMH

  3. Lol @ Masque, you do it and you do it well girly!

    @ Toy Couture Great minds DEFINITELY think alike! And lol Ha! Diddy is definitely a topic in himself... smdh.

  4. you should try MAC's 'Lady Danger' lipstick! its perfect!


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