Sep 23, 2010

Spring 2011 Fashion

Fashion Week in NYC always creates a dope buzz. I didnt go to any of the festivities this year (besides Fashion's Night Out) but i did keep up with some of the designers and their collections.

Carolina Herrera's collection was very elegant with a touch of ancient Japanese culture. A lot of the pieces had shift dresses tied with obi-inspired sashes or flat obi-like bows. 
The colors were very contrating. There were black and white, red, orange, pink and pine green. They seem very earth insppired. The tube dress with black obi (second from the left) is my favorite. I love the cascading print at the bottom.

Marchesa’s (who i just found out about) collection themed "ancient royalty". There were glamorous colors of pearl, ebony, mint, midnight blue, deep plum, and rose.
The hand-painted floral “oyster” dress with full skirt (top left) id DOPE! That is so creative! My favorite of the buch definitely has to be the silk lace jumpsuit. I would SOOO wear that! The ancient roman vibe is definitely appealing. 

Isaac Mizrahi Had some gorgeous pieces too. There were lots of pastels, playful prints,  chiffons, and jerseys that floated down the runway. The dresses in the pictures seem to tak on a life of their own, swaying this way and that. My favorite dress is the top one. I just love the way it skims over her body and flows off her.

I've loved Ms. Tracy Reese since i found out about her. Her classic style emanates a quiet confidence. This show had everything from eclectic prints to embellished and fun eyewear. My favorite piece is definitely the Alek Wek dress (top pic, right hand). I love prints, and i love to confuse the eye with just one piece. This dress does that effortlessly!



  1. that floral dress is so pretty, oh i cant wait until spring! xxo

  2. Some really nice outfits, great post.

    Thanks for dropping a thought on my last post. I love to see new visitors, and it was great having you visit.

    I love your WTF kitty, had a good chuckle about that face. :)
    Hope to see you visit again, you have a very interesting blog, keep up the good work.
    Enjoy the weekend.

  3. carolina herrera blows me away. i love her.

  4. nice blog you got goin here.
    im following :)

    i wont comment about this post because im not in to this kind of fashion :P but ill be sure to comment in the future

  5. Hi! Thanks for stopping by, hope you visit again.

    I love the designers you've featured. I especially adore me some Marchesa!! They make fab effortless.

  6. Loving Tracy Reese I like the lower left sweater a lot!! Thanks for stopping by!


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