Sep 16, 2010

The Vicious Cycle of the Friend Seeking Love

Have you ever had a friend who called you all the time? She called, texted, and hung out with you so much that you were sick of her? But... that's your girl so, not matter how much she drives you insane, the laughter and good times you share makes you enjoy hanging with her.

Suddenly, the calls come to an abrupt halt. Now, it's almost like you've become a level one stalker and your "friend" is nowhere to be found.

She finally calls you one day to fills you in on the events of her life and mentions she's seeing someone. DING! DING! DING! That's it. Everything she's mentioned before and after that, seemingly minuscule, fact is now of no importance. You have solved the mystery. Your friend has (once again) ditched you for her new dude. This is the vicious cycle of the friend seeking love.
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It happens time and time again. I actually have multiple friends who do this.

At first, I was a bit offended. I mean, how come women don't have the B.B.H a.k.a "Bros Before Hoes" clause too? Are we that thirsty and pathetic that we're always willing to stop, drop, and role at the thought of a potential mate?

Don't get me wrong, I have my relationship hang ups myself but when I'm talking to a guy my friends (except for 1 or 2) hardly ever know, much less feel neglected. It’s hard for me to be forgiving of girls who are so needy that they drop people by the way-side in order to pursue this new "relationship". Because let's face it, the new guy lasts a few weeks and then, inevitably, he drops her (or she tells you she dropped him) and she starts calling you again... The cycle begins once more.

Random Thought: Would I be messed up if I decide to put an end to this "cycle"?



  1. No you would not. A friend is supposed to be there no matter what! She should tell you that she's met a new guy. Don't continue to pick you up and put you down! It's not okay. But before I dropped/ended the friendship I would let her know how I felt and give her a chance.

  2. tottaly happeds to me all the time with me and my girls.
    I guess it's because theres always that one girlfriend that will be the listener. Im that too.
    Bring blowed off suck, thats why girls should have that rule in us " chicks before dicks?"

  3. Lol Courtney i LOVE that slogan!
    And puddin, i completely feel you

  4. LOVE THIS POST!!!! LoL. We all have friends like this. I hope that if and when I finally find a man, that I'm not guilty of this offense. You wouldn't be wrong for trying to put an end to this vicious cycle!

  5. The only time this applies to a guy is if he knows he's getting some from her. In those cases, the homies don't even mind getting ditched.

    I have to question what kind of friend you have if this is the kind of cycle anyone goes thru-

    I'm just saying.


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