Sep 26, 2010

What I Want...

So since summer has ended, and fall is such a short season, i've begun my hunt for a winter jacket. I am extremely picky when it comes to jackets and because of this i never findone that i "love".

While doing some research, i found my two dream coats...

Say hello to the Burberry Brit Quilted Lambskin Leather Jacket (retailed at $1,295.00)
and to the Add Down Three Quarter Length Chevron Quilted Down Jacket (retailed at $398.00)

*SIGH* Sadly, it'll cost me an arm, a leg, and some blood to get them but a girl can dream... right?
Somehow, the song "Sponsor" by Teirra Marie has begun playing in my head :-D

"My feet they speak italian walk so hot. I tell him baby thanks alot. My sponsor he go and bu-bu-buy buy"

If you've got "dough to blow", like my home girl Hi Dolla *side eye* would say, check them out HERE and HERE


  1. "Somehow, the song "Sponsor" by Teirra Marie has begun playing in my head :-D"

    LOL!!!...I hear that! I need one too.. :)..They both are sexy but I think imleaning more toward the 1st...and u know u wrong for the Hi Dolla comment..LOL..#dead

  2. Lol stop playin, you know Hi Dolla is my GIRL *side eye*

    I LOVE the first one :-/ I just dont like the first one's price... BUT if i find me a sponsor to go and "bu-bu-buy buy" it, lol i wont have an issue

  3. these jackets are so amazing, i hope that you find a less expensive version!

  4. That first jacket is Fiyah! I'm with Toy at the Hi Dolla comment! Girl you craazzy! LOLOLOLOL!


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