Sep 22, 2010

WTF Wednesday's: Hi Dolla

This is s joke... right? 
Did she say baby phat bag? 
Is that hot now? 
Her grills are too big for her mouth... like she went and borrowed ray ray's teeth for the video... 
Does she have a damn pentagram on her chest? 
I cannot take miss "Hi Dolla" and her ratchetness this morning.
She got "dough to blow" but her dress look like it came from pretty girl's "GOTTA GO" rack and she got two hundred dollar bills throughout the video... 
Smdh, girl BYE! 
Stop this madness and take you and your kids BACK home and RETHINK your life goals... Cause this AIN'T it... No ma'am.  

Hip hop culture has officially gone to the dogs...



  1. I died when I clicked on this!! Bwhahahahahahahahahah WTH?????????? You are correct Girl stop! is RIGHT!

  2. ummm... yeah. and sometimes I wonder if my life has direction. umm.. she needs some help. and that dress did come from pretty girl or rainbow/wtf baby phat is not haute couture.. lmaoo


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