Oct 22, 2010

Artist Spotlight: Mel Carter

"I'm gonna be number 1 because i gotta be number 1"

New Jersey based hip-hop artist, MEL (Mel Carter) shows us that music is in his blood.
With hip hop lineage of one of the greatest icons, Jay-Z, MEL is making noise in the industry with a name of his own.
Although his uncle Jay has influenced his music greatly, MEL is determined to make it on his own using his talent.

Click “READ MORE” to read clips of his MTV Needle In The Haystack interview and download his last mixtape.
In September 2009, Mel released his first mixtape, "Certified," with OVER 150,000 downloads in the first week. Mel continues to prove he will leave his mark as a new breed with features on AllHipHop.com, GlobalGrind.com, XXL Magazine, Right On! magazine, Rap Fanatic magazine, ConcreteLoop.com, Bossip.com, Hot 97 with Lisa Evers, HipHopUCIt and more.

Who is MEL?
Mel is a young, hungry artist. I consider myself the new breed because there's no one out there doing music that I do. I'm original.

How do you describe your music?

My music is refreshing. It will put you in an East Coast state of mind but with a twist. There's not a lot of dance tracks. I make good music that people are able to relate to.
 What is your creative process like?
I listen to a beat until I feel a vibe. I go into the studio and record. Afterward, I let my team listen to see if they like it.

When did you realize you wanted to make hip hop music?
In 1997 after watching Jay-Z's "Ain't No" video. But what confirmed it was when I was about 16, I confided in my cousins Fly Rah and Spank that I write. They told me that they were also writing their raps. That night, we launched our own label, Natural Born Hustlaz Entertainment.

Mel's interview with Thisis50.com

"Who are you related to?"
"Some guy... Shawn Carter.."
Lol... this guy.

What do you love about music?

No matter what people are going through, there's a song for EVERY emotion.

Anything else you want people to know about Mel?
I'm coming. I have a story to tell and everyone loves a new story. You can download my mixtape "Certified" here

Let me know what you think! Personally, i downloaded the mixtape a year ago and i can listen to it from top to bottom. The songs take me back to the days when people ACTUALLY rapped *COUGHsouljaboyCOUGH*. My favorite songs on the mixtape are G.C.S, Back & 4th, Underdog, and Number 1...
If Mel keeps delivering music like this, he's definitely going to make waves in the industry.
"Plus her lips stay MAC'd  up, schedule stay backed up,  and when we out in public she act up... It's like this the M.E.L M.A.N, I'm delivering"- Back & 4th
Check MEL and his music at Ourstage.com


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