Oct 11, 2010

Holiday Season Is Coming Up... Gifts.com To The Rescue!

A friend of mine introduced me to Gifts.com. The website is full of tons of fun ways to make shopping online fun and personal when looking for gift ideas for every occasion.
Click "READ MORE" for the complete run-down of the website.

While surfing the website I ended up on the About Us tab. I found it extremely interesting to know that they actually had "Gift Gurus" that take the whole gift giving experience to another level.

Another thing I found really cool was their Personality Profiler Quiz. It's like a mini personal shopper! They ask you a series of questions about the gift recipient and the answers are put through their database of over 73 personalities. Apparently the "Gift Gurus" hand-pick great gifts for each and every personality making shopping for your friends and family super easy!
When I did the test for one of my best friends, the gift suggestions I got were great! They weren't things i would normally think of but they were BETTER!

Boss's Day is October 16th and they have scoured the internet for great gifts for employers around the nation. From desktop toys to customized gifts, executive accessories to baskets with their favorite treats, they've found it. I don't have a job but if I did, I would definitely check this out. 

The last cool part of the site is "Sweetest Day". Did you know there is a Fall Valentine's Day? Sweetest Day is October 16th and they've got amazing gifts. Personalized M&M's with team logos, customized Romance Novels with YOUR (you and you love) stories, and romantic foods will be sure to show your significant other just how much you love him. My favs are the Strawberry Floral Margarita Flowers, the Festive Fall Petit Fours (b/c my dad used to buy them for me), and Pumpkin Pie Cheesecake from Harry & David (b/c i'm a sucker for cheesecake :-D).

If you need to find a gift, and can't think of one, definitely look at this website. Can't think of what to get the person? Try the Personality Profiler Quiz! Got a sweetie? Try looking at the Sweetest Day search results! Let me know how you feel about the website :-)



  1. this is a better idea than my usual Dollor Store Gift Giving Atrocity! ;) Good looking out!


  2. lovely review.
    do stop by my blog again soon..


  3. This is going to be a big help because I suck at giving gifts!

  4. I love my BESTIE this was brilliant now if only i get a Dam job then ill try these sites out if not im with the girl i think Falen her name is I will jus be stoppin at the dollar store lol its the thought that counts but no i a goin to try it out mama LOVE YA

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