Oct 11, 2010

Diddy Likes To Motivate, "LET'S GO!"

"I go into it knowing i'm one of the Baddest motherfu*ckas to ever live... I feel like I AM one of the baddest motherfu*kas to ever walk the face of the earth... I AM one of the baddest motherfu*kas to ever walk the face of the earth. That's just a fact. That's a pure fact."
Lol he lookd so offended that the interviewer even THOUGHT that he had doubts.

Why was that black and white scene so dramatic? Who was he putting the "sexy voice" on for?
 Smh... Oh Sean, you crack me up but this video was a great compilation of all the positive messages you give out.
"Lock IN on your Dream! LOCK IN!"
One of the things he said in the video, that is so true, was "people worrying about other people and what they're doing". It's fine to be connected and up to date with news but never take that and make it your BUSINESS (unless you are a SUCCESSFUL gossip blogger). He said "You're wasting the time that you could be putting towards yourself" and I almost got up and church praise danced.
As comedic as Sean is, he makes a lot of sense. He is extremly smart and, at the end of the day, I respect him for the power moves he has made as a business man.
You better go ahead Diddy, or like my mom called him when she met him, "Puff Diddy Daddy". Lol i love that my mom is so unphased...

"If you're chasing your dreams, you're not running fast enough."



  1. I love this.So true you have to go hard(Pause)lol for what you want.stay around people who are jus as motivated as you are it's ok to have all kinds of folks in your circle you never want to make it look you are better than anyone but at the same time you have to think Big and keep certain folks not so front and center like I say some people are jus not meant to be apart of your success but dont let em be the reason you FAIL.GO get Em Sherri hope to see all our DREAMS manifest

  2. Love your posts, you are funny, witty, and profound all at once
    Thanks for the great blog

  3. Wow I knew Diddy was focused but damn!! This fool is far from!! That kinda made me wanna get off my ass this morning ! Fuck these cramps! Lets go! lol


  4. This video was amazing, wow wow wow. Diddy said a lot of things that struck a chord in me. People DO spend to much time worrying about what Bob and Sue and Marie are doing instead of focusing all of their attention on what they themselves are doing. When your working on something but it doesn't have your full attention, how could you expect it to be great? So "Uncle" Diddy, you were on point with that one lol. Also I love the LOCK IN speech, it's so true. Especially with young people, we are just so locked in to the wrong things, worrying about who is with who and what everybody is up to instead of worrying about honing in on our craft and getting ourselves to the next level! I wish I could send this in a mass e-mail to all the knuckleheads out there trying to make a business or trying to make some sort of name for themselves but spending all of their time doing...i dunno, knucklehead shit lol. Thank you sooooo much for sharing :)


  5. Anything that comes out of Diddy's mouth, I do not want to hear it. Not a fan at all.

    Can he just disappear and stop making wacky music!

    I do love his clothing line, that is about it.

    Thanks for the New York Love and comments. I appreciate it.


  6. Thanks for the comment! I hope you're following :)


  7. I love people who know how to motivate others as well as themselves. Its like another level of confidence. And it's sexy.

    ♥ the showmanship


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