Oct 2, 2010

I'd Rather Go Blind

I kid you not; I’m posting this while wiping tears from my eyes.

I've been missing Beyonce's presence in the music game for the last few days so I decided to listen to all the songs I have of her. This afternoon, I’d Rather Go Blind came on and I HAD to see this clip again.

When I went to see Cadillac Records, I will admit, I was not expecting much. I love my Bey Bey but her acting skill prior to this movie was… questionable lol.

My cousin and I, two self proclaimed bad asses, left the theatre drying our eyes. Everyone in the movie was amazing but this scene in Cadillac Records brought us to tears… and I’m not talking about one tear down our cheek. I’m talking snot running, sniffling, holding each other tears!

Oh Beyonce, please hurry back. I can't take much more of the non-sense on my radio.



  1. awww man up. thia is T Ton btw :-)

  2. Bey has a song coming out that I heard is amazing as usualu...I think it should be released in the next month if Im not mistaken. So we all will have our Bey fix real soon!!! ......and I absolutely love this song too! In my eye Bey can do no wrong!!..I see we have similar taste in music Sherine! ..Enjoy your weekend!!

  3. Oh, Beyonce. That women exudes so much fierceness, it's a little ridiculous.


  4. Love Beyonce "me, myself and I" has got to be my favorite song ever.


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