Oct 27, 2010

New Video: Nicki Minaj "Right Thru Me"

 So Ms. Minaj is at it again. She released the video for "Right Thru Me" today. I was not a huge fan of "Check It Out", but this video is SO cute!
Nicki Minaj is a fellow LaGuardia alum and her major was drama. In this new video, she shows off her acting ability which, I must say, are up to par.
In a behind the scenes interview with MTV.com, Nicki stated that the video was very personal to her.
“The concept of the video is….. boy & girl, relationship, drama. You know all of that, and the intimate stuff, as well as the fighting, as well as the self reflecting type stuff. It’s basically just a love story, told from the perspective of a very hard girl who doesn’t want to give in but she has to. But the song to me is very, very personal.”
Click "READ MORE" for the video and my fav. screen shots.

The video/song is an exteremly realistic portrait of many relationships, especially young ones, and the vulnerability that a person feels when they love someone.
I really love the song because I hate that people doubt her ability to ryme without the "character" aspect. Clearly she can and CLEARLY it can be a hit.

"Haters you can KILL YO' SELVES!"


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