Oct 5, 2010

New Video: Chris Brown "12 Strands (Matrix)"

"For Far to long They've been plotting on me. The story's unfolding, it's a conspiracy... must be a glitch in the Matrix. Bring me to life, show me how to live... I just want to live."

I've been meaning to watch this video but every time I was supposed to I got distracted. Spotted on IvoSilva's blog, i decided to actually watch it this time.
I'm obviously either PMSing or getting way too soft because i damn near cried watching this video too!

In the whole "CB vs. Rihanna vs. The Public's perception" fiasco, I was torn. I felt like Christopher was dealt the short end of the stick in the whole ordeal. Domestic violence is a serious offense but people were quick to pass judgment without knowing the facts behind that night. Hell, some of the people passing judgments were getting their own faces slapped up but… I digress.

The video really shows what it can feel like being under the ever-powerful microscope that is “The Public Eye”. Chris is also extremely athletic! That damn boy wouldn’t stop running!



  1. Yeah we don't know the whole story but "the media" has changed his status to ABUSER... it'll take a while for him to shake that. I think one day the whole truth might come out. who knows, Rihanna could be a secret crazy ass o.O

  2. glad I contributed on this post :)

  3. He has to be athletic in order to dance as well as he does. I didn't like the song too much, but I understood what it was about. I was just amazed at his martial arts capabilities, lol.

  4. lol to you randomly pointing out how athletic he is. Good video .


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