Oct 18, 2010

New Video: Willow Smith "Whip My Hair"

"Imma get more shine in a little bit... applause i'm hearing it. Whip it Real hard, whip it, whip it real hard!"
Willow... You better WORK! She looks amazing!
He cute brother was in the video *giggle*



  1. Willow rules... love her style too.
    Hope you had an awesome weekend.

  2. Love the song, and her style is very unique.


  3. I really admire how Will and Jada have encouraged their kids to embrace their individuality and be who ever they are. Kudos to Willow.

  4. I'm still undecided about this. The music video is creative...reminds me of the crumping style that got play a few years ago...still, the fact she's so young still just doesn't sit right with me.


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