Oct 27, 2010

Poet, Jasmine Mans, Tells Nicki Minaj "Come Harder"

"Barbie stop spitting me toy stories... This microphone is not a dildo so you're going to have to COME a little harder than that."
This young poet is amazing. She wrote on Nicki Minaj and the road she sees Nicki traveling down. Watching it gave me chills because she's on to something.
“Do you ever feel the chord gripping around your neck? Choke, spit, don't let this industry rape the Assata outta you…"
Click "READ MORE" to peep the video.

"You are a QUEEN, no matter how many times they try to shuffle you back into tape decks... You the bestest but i know your spine binds on crooked lines and you can't seem to write a rhyme for your broken daughters. Slaughtered. Bent over back. Ass cracked. Bitch slapped in videos. There is NOTHING pretty about BROKEN"
Mmmm! AMEN Jasmine!

While i still support Nicki, i definitely understand, respect, and somewhat agree with Jasmine's perception of Nicki and her career. I think it's interesting that unlike many other people who have tried to come after Nicki, Jasmine makes it a point to not only be respectful, but give her credit. She's simply asking for more substance and i can get with that.

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"I think NYC is making you forget you come from QUEENS."



  1. I Love Nicki Minaj! It's Barbie Bitches...... Her Lyrics/Rap is insance must get her CD Pink Friday. i follow her Twitter.

  2. Sometimes people just want to have FUN!!!I respectthis girl and her opinion but clearly she knows nicki's lyrics don't tell me it was just for research.The bottom line is yes some of Nick's lyrics are very raunchy but not everyone is meant to be lauryn Hill or india arie etc.While I love these types of artist I also love NICKI's fun carefree in your face sexy style come on people SEX sells even the most conscious singers and rappers sell SEX look closely.Musicis a way to express yourself and that's what Nicki is doing.Sheis TALENTED if she wanted to rap on other subjects she would but right now Let the BARBIE have FUN.DAM!


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