Oct 28, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Janet Jackson "Miss You Much"

In today's edition of "Throwback Thursday", i picked a Janet Jackson song. I love me some Michael, but after him comes Janet... well, actually Beyonce, but right after that comes Janet lol
When i was younger, my father bought me the Rythem Nation CD. I played that album so much that there were rings (from turning in the disc player) around the CD and it started skipping.
Click "READ MORE" to see the video of one of my favorite songs off the album...

"I'll tell your mama, I'll tell your friends, I'll tell anyone whose heart can comprehend"

You better work Janet, i mean, Ms. Jackson if ya nasty! Hehe, i remember tryinng to learn the dances to this song... #FAIL
That Jacket is too fly! I want one in black and purple... thanks.


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