Oct 18, 2010

What I Want: Rolls-Royce Ghost "DIVA" edition

Now, I am a girly girl. I am not a woman who fakes intrest in anything the boys like. I don't watch basketball, I can't stand hockey, I don't watch football, i watch soccer once every 4 years (the world cup), and i could care less about cars.
I like jewlery, shoes, bags, and almost anything pink or purple tickles my fancy....
But this car right here!!! Child please, I think i'm in love!
Fenice Milano has created a new line of Rolls-Royce Ghost cars, and what better name to give it than "Diva"! *Insert Beyonce's I'm a Diva here*
The hood, grille, side sills, wing mirrors and insides are trimmed with 24-karat gold. While i could probably do with out the gold trim in the front, the inside of this Rolls got me.

Just makes a girl want to SQUEAL! *SIGH*
I now have the urge to watch Beyonce Perform. Good day all.


1 comment:

  1. That car looks like candy!! Hot damn only in my dreams..or If my book makes it big lol


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