Oct 20, 2010

WTF Wednesday: Hide Ya Kids, Hide Ya Wifes, Antoine Dodson Got A Halloween Costume

What in the HELL?!
*SIGH* Give me strength heavenly Father.

Why does Antoine Dodson have a Halloween costume? Not only is this fool seeling out iTunes and performing on BET, now he has a COSTUME?!
Obvvioouuusllyyyy This is a Joke... Right?
Nope... It's not.

The "costume" includes:
• Antoine Dodson Custom Hair Wig

• Red Bandana

• Black Tank Top

• Antoine's Autographed rolled up paper 
So for $24.99, this could ALL be yours *SIDE EYE*
Oh help us. First Hi Dolla and her non sense, now this. When will we learn?
Want One?


  1. Thanks for following my blog =) I am now one of your followers. Please stop by and join in on my Wednesday Blog hop, its a great way to gain more followers.

  2. Lol! he has a costume?!

  3. LMBO!!! You're joking right! Man this guy has literally become a star over night!

  4. lawdddd hammercy on our souls...homeboy needs to go find himself a corner and cool out

    That GOOD GOOD Blog

  5. he actually has a single coming out!! lol



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