Nov 11, 2010

Bad Is When You're Capable Of Beating The Baddest

Today's post is a combination of two things. People who constantly TELL the world they're "bad" and what makes you feel "bad

"Bad is when you capable of beating the baddest"

The quote is the truth. However, I am a woman who acknowledges that there will ALWAYS be somebody "badder" than thee. 
Pick up your face, stop shaking your head... It is a fact of life. To ignore this simple fact is detrimental to the progression of you as a person.
I really can't stand when I see women on social media sites who say things like "I'm the BADDEST B*tch! Can't nobody beat me!"
And men who say things like "I'm mad fly! I got mad chicks on me".

... *Crickets*...

Sorry to break it to you hunny, you're not "Nicki Minaj". You are not "Trey Songz". Stop it. Now. 

Now I'm ALL FOR self-confidence! All for it. I think it's extremely important for young ladies and gentlemen to have a sense of self worth and appreciation... but at ome point, some of these individuals have confused CONFIDENCE with ARROGANCE. I don't know about anyone else but an arrogant person automatically loses all cool points with me.

Aside from that, 9 times out of 10, these individuals are banking on their looks
Looks can only get you so far in life.
Where's your brain?
What's you life goals?
Short term? Long term?
Got good credit?
Got more than a "0" balance in the bank account?
Do you even HAVE a bank account?
Want to go to school? Pick up a trade?
What do you want to do with your LIFE?

I will consider you "BAD" when you are not only "fly" but you're smart, pursuing goals, and attaining them.

So let's keep that in minds, boys and girls, the next time your tempted to talk about your "badness".

I want to know what makes you feel "bad" or sexy or good about yourself? For me it's a sexy pair of heels and a tight dress or leggings and a comfy sweater... two total opposites right?
:-) That's me for ya, always on opposite ends of the spectrum.


  1. Got called arrogant today. I might just need to back it up lol


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