Nov 11, 2010

First Lady Michelle Can Dance... Mr. President, Not So Much!

While on his economic mission visit to India, On November 7th, President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle stopped by students the Holy Name High School in Mumbai, India. The students were dancing for Diwali, the festival of lights, and the President and First lady danced with the children. Too cute!
Click "READ MORE" fir the video clip...

Lol Mr. President looked really reluctant to get up out of that chair... could it be because his dancing skills are not as good as Michelle's? While watching i got the funniest flashback of this moment:
Tell me you didn't crack up! That was probably, a highlight for me, during his presidency... Ha! Clearly he was the fun one between him and Laura.

Now i dont know, maybe he's just tired because i know my president can dance! Check him on Ellen:
Mmm hmm... He's in India FRONTING!


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