Nov 20, 2010

New Video: Keyshia Cole "Long Way Down"

Keyshia Cole has released the new video for “Long Way Down” featuring her fiance Boobie. This is the second single off of her new album “Calling All Hearts” (in stores December 21st).
Uh, that song and video wth her and Nicki Minaj was an epic fail. This song, I like it. She's still flat but what are we going to do about it.

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“Just when I said that I was through with love, there he was… Baby it's a long way dawn from heaven.”
Keyshia looks amazing. I love the hair (looks like mine), the nails are DOPE, and those shades are BEAST.
But seriously, why is she always flat? Don't her engineers hear this as they're mixing the song?



  1. I don't know I just feel like she is so much better than what she is putting out.This is way better than I AInt Thru.I love Keyshia so I support her no matter what but this isn't great.She looks GREAT and they look really nice together Im happy for her,but musically with RON FAIR on your side your stuff should sound fifty times better than this.GROWTH not staying with trends.Fashion is great I see her trying to step it up in that sense but the music Is very important as well.This gets a 5 out of possible 10 and this is spoken from a TRUE Keyshia Cole fan.About those flat notes I have learned that she just has a bad ear and that the people in her corner don't care to correct the pitch auto tune was well needed and if they have it on there put MORE.sad but true smh

  2. I agree with Sha Lea. She's a great artist but her new music has been lackluster... maybe she doesn't care?


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