Nov 13, 2010

New Video: Rihanna ft. Drake "What's My Name?"

Rihanna released her video for "What's My Name?" featuring Drake. The song will be featured on her upcoming album LOUD, which hits stores next week. The song has already hit number 1 on Billboards Hot 100 and i have been dancing to it non-stop for weeks. Check out the official music video after the jump.

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The track is infectious! Ever since it was released online, i have not stopped listening to it.
But while I am NUTS about the song... I can't say that I am thrilled at the outcome of this video. It was to great of a track for her to give me:
 "walk, walk, smile, turn, act like I can dance, walk, let drake feel up on my booty, hug drake, walk again, act like i can dance again, sit in my house and touch my hair, walk with my fire red hair by a fire, act like I can dance by the fire, let drake kiss me, the end.."
I was expecting a sultry, sensually fun, traditional New york experience. Why weren't they on a rooftop party somewhere enjoying the night with friends? Celebrating something? On a beach somewhere?

Where the hell in NYC are we doing a bon fire?? I live in NYC... we can't do bon fires lol it's ILLEGAL
but... i digress...

The chemistry between her and Aubrey was... believable, to say the least lol, but I wish they would have interacted more.
The two of them actually make a cute couple... could we be on to something here?
I don't care what anyone says, she looks BANGING in that red hair... The outfit is cute too... *SHRUG* a little kaleidoscopic on the eyes, but cute non the less
*Peep the eyelash guru Jamaal B. to her right!

What do you think of the video? Ya? Nay?


  1. I agree with you- I've grown to love her red hair! She's looking incredible at the moment.

  2. this song is soooo catchy!
    great post :)

  3. Like the song. She has a gorgeous face!

  4. her and drake would be so cute together. I'm really looking forward to this album, seems like it might be the best music she's put out so far.

    clothes are cute

  5. she is so pretty! I agree, she and drake would look cute together...


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