Nov 8, 2010

New Windows Phone 7 Commercials = HILARIOUS

Lol i swear, i was CRACKING UP at this commercial. "REALLY" Oh man... this is great. These are a compilation of short advertisements that the New Windows Phone 7 team put together. ESPECIALLY the part where the son hits that dad in the head! Ha! I was done for.

Click "READ MORE" for some more commercials...
Guys seem to love this one from what I read in the comment section

Lol this is only funny to me because I once walked into a street pole from being on my phone... and what made it worse was, even after banging my face into the pole, I didn't stop typing. #Dontyoujudgeme!

I just REALLY just love this one! The look on the kid's face is PRICELESS!


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