Nov 26, 2010

No Boys Allowed: Keri Hilson

"Love Yourself... Inapologetically love yourself"

Keri Hilson's 2nd album, "No Boys Allowed", features her two lates songs "Pretty Girl Rock" and "Breaking Point".
The promo shots for her new album is dope. Keri and her girls are having a good time WITHOUTthe boys”. In the behind the scenes footage of the shoot (after the jump), Keri explains the concept of the new album and her shoot with photographers Gomillion and Loupold.

Click "READ MORE" to see the rest of the shots and video...

 Keri looks BAD! I am loving this shot! Those YSL pumps= Amazing!
Looks like LOTS of fun!

“I knew I wanted my album title to represent women. Most of my songs are about how hard it is to weed through the boys and find the men. So no boys allowed. Men only. I wanted the artwork to capture that. I’m with my girls. It’s like the day in the life of unruly bad bitches. Unapologetic. Wreckless. Independent”
Keri gets on my nerves at times but her talent is undeniable. She's a DOPE writer and amazing on records. She's a gorgeous girl and she's a SAGGITARIUS like me :-). I love the concept. I'm very "pro girl power" so it this is a theme i can definitely rock with. Helping females understand that they need to love themselves first, i'm all for it.


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  1. She looks fab! The shots look so fun!


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