Nov 29, 2010

Rolling Stone Magazine Proclaims Nicki Minaj The NEW Queen Of Hip Hop

Nicki Minaj was dubbed "The NEW Queen Of Hip Hop" in the new Rolling Stone magazine. The article was very well written because it captured all the subtle nuances of her misunderstood sarcasm and driven personality.

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“Minaj was on seven singles on the Hot 100 at once”
“With an astonishing verse on Kanye West’s ‘Monster’: she leaps between styles, voices and personas from bar to bar, rapping with a crazed fury that’s like Ol’ Dirty Bastard multiplied by Busta Rhymes.”

This almost made me fall out because a friend of mine, and I, sat one day talking about Nicki’s style. Although she is often compared to Foxy and Lil Kim, we decided that she sounded more like Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Busta Rhymes’ secret love child. How funny, we were SPOT ON.

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“People used to tell me ‘What is wrong with you? You’ll just sit there and think and get yourself depressed.’ I’ve always been a thinker.”
“There’s nothing different between me and the boys, except they have a twig and berries.


  1. Not to sound ike a "hater", because I'm far from 1, but "QUEEN" of hip hop tho??? Naaaaaahhhh. Lol. I don't think so. I've been following music since the early 80's, and I would like to know, what has music since the early 80's, and I would like to know, what has she done that no 1 else has???

  2. I dont think it's a matter of doing something that "no one else has" but i think adding the word "new" gives the title a whole different meaning.
    Undoubtedly, for the generation of people that follow her, she is the queen of hip hop. arguably because no one else is doing it like her right now. No female has been able to acquire this kind of buzz, support from "the boys", and international exposure for a LONG time.
    If you want to pit her against people from the past that's a tad unfair b/c she represents a different/new era.
    Also, keep in mind that people like the real roxanne shante, Mc Lite, and Latifah wasnt "embracing" Kim and Foxy either. They were raunchy, curt, and unladylike with their lyrics but they were doing something DIFFERENT that the youths of their era identified with and they fought for their place and won it.

  3. Well, when someone is "dubbed" a Queen or King of anything, time will tel f that title is deserved or just "used" for the time being. As far as her title goes, there will always be some new that comes along just as she came along. This is hip hop....artist take titles and end careers all the time. :-

  4. In my opinion for someone to be dubbed royalty of a genre of music they should have some noted accomplishments as well as more than one album. That title should be given to someone that has a talent that can't be duplicated or fabricated. For instance no one can take the title of king of Pop from Michael, King of Soul from James Brown Queen of Soul from Aretha Franklin etc. I like some of the things that Nikki does but I don't see her being an heir to the crown yet maybe after 2 or 3 albums. Sorry I think Rolling Stones made a premature call, let's see what she is able to do without the features and gimmicks

  5. I agree, this may have been premature but in an age where you can be gone overnight, people are doing drastic things to maintain. Kim took Queen of Hip hop before she made any notable splash on the scene, Mary took queen of hip hop and r&b before she made a splash but both these women lived up to their names... let's hope Nicki can do the same


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