Nov 14, 2010

Sephora Goodies: NARS & Sephora Eyeliner Review

I recently recieved my purchase and was happier that a kid in a candy store!
I purchased a few things but i have yet to use them all so i'm just going to post on the NARS Orgasm blush *LUSH* and the Flashy Liner Waterproof Eye Pencil Set.

Click "READ MORE" for pics and review!

I'd been wanting to try the Orgasm blush for a while now but I was always reluctant because:
a) It cost $26 for a little compact
b) it looks extremely light for my dark skin
I went ahead and purchased, assuming I would have to return it.

The only reason I bought the Flashy Liner Waterproof Eye Pencil Set was because the reviews were actually pretty good. I've been wanting to play with the "colorful" liner look, but I never found liners I LIKED for my skin tone.
I was actually going to buy the 24/7 Jackpot set by Urban Decay:
but this set is $39... for a look that I wasn't sure I could pull off, I definitely wasn't spending $39.

Now for the results (click the pics to enlarge)...


That day, I wore three of the colored pencils. The purple, deep purple, and silver. I love the way the color pops off my skin. Since then, I have used the green and both browns... LOVE IT!
Dont even get me started on NARS Orgasm. I love it. It has a great gold undertone that really sparkles. A little ges a LONG way with this blush. In these photos, I only used it as a subtle highlighter but the next day I put more on and it looked even better! It really gives you a pretty flushed look. Great for giving the skin color in the winter!
The eyeline is fairly waterproof (I tear in the wind) but it does wear down after a while. Removing the liner was a breeze, all I used was some baby wipes!

What do you think?



  1. I am in love with that Nars blush, xx

  2. wow!!Thats a lo of stuff you purchased.Lucky you :)

  3. That's a whole lot of stuff you got, and i'm loving the Nars blush still.
    Thanks a ton for visiting my blog and i hope you come back :)
    Stay gorgeous!

  4. Yeah that's a lot of stuff u got there!!

  5. Very pretty!!! I liked the way the colors looked on you! I'm a chocolate girl too and love to find things that fit my skintone! What lipgloss was that? I liked that too! I'm so getting the Nars blush I always thought it would be too light for me.

    Thanks girl!

  6. Aww you look cute with the make up. I actually did a some makeup shopping spree on, The sales there are crazy. I think I bought more than I needed, but I dont care cos I got them for a good price :)

  7. it looks great! my co blogger is in love with the orgasm blush :)

  8. I love love makeup!! I wish i could steal these off my computer screen

    You look great you know- i like the way you put it on.

    Thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog and bothering to leave comments. Glad you liked the pictures (i'm a picture freak) :D


  9. Thanks guys!
    There will be a lipgloss post between today and tomorrow @GorgeousP. it's not Sephora that's why i didnt include it

    @Fashion Rehab, i know the sales are CRAZY! They know how to turn it up during holiday season


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