Nov 4, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Lil' Kim feat. Lil Cease "Crush On You"

Alright, so, it's confession time.

Confession #1: I knew EVERY word to this song when it came out.
Confession #2: I had the "Pin Up Kim" poster, fron Right On! mag, on my wall until my last year of high school.
Confession #3: I wanted the "Nightrider Kim" outfit... REALLY BADLY.
Please don't judge me... #Thatisall



  1. Crush on You is on the Def Jam Rapstar game for PS3. I rock it out every time. I know every single word. LOL

  2. *LOL* I'm Just Glad to have her back Finally!!

  3. Crush on You <3 It HAS been a minute since I heard that joint!! Thank you so much for sharing these :) I love throwbacks!!

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