Nov 11, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Spice Girls "Wannabe"

I was a Spice Girls FANATIC! I had the movie, all the albums, and I collected the stickers from the bubble gum- hoping to one day collect all 5 to meet them... though looking back, I dont think they ever made all five...
Yes. It is true... I loved them. I knew every word, cried to songs like "Mama", and even tried the Scary Spice look... that was short lived, it didnt go over too well with mother dear... always trying to surpress my CREATIVITY *giggle*.
"Slam ya body down and wine it around, slam ya body down and zig a zig AH!"
Lol I STILL know all the words! #Dontyoujudgeme
What was going on with those dance moves? Ha! and the outfits?! Oh gosh...
Much to my dismay, like all girl groups, they fell apart and I was left with a big ass bag of un-chewed Spice Girl bubble gum :-/



  1. ahhh holy crap, so old school~ man I feel old ><

  2. Thanks for checking out or blogs and following. Following you back now. Great content x

  3. ahahah grat post!
    who hasn't loved spice girls! they used to rock like anybody else!

    Nice blog ;) following u


  4. Hahaha cool, I was a big fan too!


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