Nov 19, 2010

Would You Rock It: Texting Gloves

So there is this new thing called "the texting glove".
Now, I have been on a "no texting" crusade for the last week but even these things caught my eyes.
Your thumb and index fingers are exposed only when typing is needed.
Juicy Couture, DKNY, Rachel Roy, and Roxy are producing their own little versions. I don't know how i feel about them... what do you think.
Click "READ MORE" for the pics...

Cashmere Gloves, $80, available at  Freehands; OMG Gloves, $22, available at Roxy
Texting Gloves, $22, available at Fred Flare

Rachel Roy Striped Texting Gloves, $29, available at Macy's; Fingerless Gloves With Convertible Mitten, $6.80, available at Forever21.

Cashmere Pop Top Glove, $65, available at DKNY; Text Me Electronic Gloves, $78, available at Juicy Couture

I was down for the "fingerless glove" trend but I don't know how i feel about just 2 fingers missing... Seems a little oxymoronic to me...



  1. I think I would rock these cuz Lord knows how annoying it is trying to text with gloves on! lol :) Thank you so much for your comments as well, you are too nice!!! And have a great weekend!

  2. Texting gloves? what will they think of next???

  3. mmm probably not, but kudos to those who can pull them off :)

  4. Last winter i got a pair and definately rocked it and still will this season your hands are warm and you can still text so why not


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