Dec 3, 2010

MAC Dazzleglass in Creamy Pink Reveiw

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the whole nude/pink lip look. I have been for a while but i could never find a gloss that quite "does it" for me. That is until i found the MAC Dzzleglass Creamy Pink gloss!

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In different light, the lipgloss looks peach. I love it because it is VERY light, in consistancy, compared to MAC's other lipgloss lines. I can put on one swipe, for a more natural look, or pile it on for a pinker/poutier look.

I looked up reviews on the gloss but there are not that many.
This seems to be a hidden MAC secret! Glad i stumbled upon it because it is VERY underrated.

hehe... at least my inside nose is clean :-)

Sidenote: Jeez my lips look lush!

What do you think? Would you rock the MAC Dazzleglass Creamy Pink? Do a post on it and let me see!



  1. Thank you for posting this! I'm on my way to MAC tommorrow! LOL!

    P.S. This looks very cute on you!

  2. awww i love the naked color. great blog you have here. i'll be your follower

  3. nude colors are always my fave. :D

  4. you look georgeus!!!

    and i also love mac !!!

    xxx from mismediasrotas!

  5. Sexy lips ;)
    Thanks for visiting!!

  6. Like you`re post and also you`re blog! :)

  7. OOOhhhh I'm adding this to my MAC list. I'm dark so I've always feared pink makeup on my skin. Purple I can do but pink sometimes looks pasty. I'm definitely giving this a try.

  8. love the lipgloss !! very dazling !
    visit and follow my blog if you don't mind dear <3

  9. Lol glad you all like!
    @ mismediasrotas I know! Isnt MAC great?!

    @ mei & Calliforniaction. Thanks guys!

    @ Monique Yes girl, i know, pink sometimes looks pasty and wrong but this one is SO nice!

  10. I love anything MAC! Beautiful lip gloss color.

  11. i too am obsessed with the nude/pink lip and i will certainly be checking this out at MAC. thanks so much posting it! another color you may like is dreamsicle by lancome.

    follow me on twitter

  12. Oh whoa, this looks great! MAC always makes such great shades in my opinion :)


  13. Gorgeous gloss! Thanks God for MAC. They make great cosmetics, with affordable price!

  14. Suddle, Simple & Sexy. Very flattering. I love it.

  15. Very nice, love it. Have a planned visit to the MAC store, I think I will check this out.


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