Dec 13, 2010

New Video: Diddy Dirty Money "A*s On The Floor"

Diddy Dirty Money (formerly known as Dirty Money) released a new song & video for their single "A*s On The Floor". My friend and i made this our birthday weekend song!
This song is actually REALLY GOOD... until... Diddy comes in... Why does he rap like he's reading a mother goose book?
Anyway, click "READ MORE" to watch the video

"Trynna fight my way back to your heart you motherf*cka..."

So, all in all, I love the track, the video's setting was beautiful. I just think Colin Tilley (the director) got a LITTLE carried away with the editing. There were so many different frames flying on and off the screen, the images became really muddled and confusing. I love the color scheme they wnt with... it was very pastel and icelandic... Good job Diddy Dirty Money.
Sidenote: What in the hell is up with that group name? Why does Diddy always need shine? He couldn't just leave well enough alone huh?

Lol I still love you Diddy...

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  1. I kinda like it. The beat is hot! Me and my fam have theme songs for events too. I thought we only did that. One time on a road trip when we arrived to our destination we decided whatever song was on the radio as we pulled in was our theme song of the trip and we had to dance everytime it came on. It was so funny whenever we all bust out dancing when "Gimme the light" by Sean Paul came on.

  2. Music is cool, but I'm always the person looking at the music video. This one didn't really go with it, but it does the job. I feel like it was probably not well thought out enough.

  3. I like this song alot and actually, the cd is pretty good. I was shocked that I liked it.


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