Dec 27, 2010

Snowmaggedon Or Snowpocolypse 2010... Good Times!

The east coast was hit with a MAJOR snow storn last night... and I couldn't be happier!
While the New York city was in complete disarray, I went out and had a ball! I love snow.

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So being the genius that I am, I decided to go outside in the dead of the storm.
I had a craving for a Dunkin Donuts vanilla chai latte and i was honestly bored out of my mind.
At 10:30 pm I left my house. As you can see, the steps in front of my apartment were covered and a bus was stuck in the road...

Still I kept going. For the record, the snow is almost up to my knees in this pic.
I walked so hard, when I got to the store I was nauseous!

That Vanilla Chai was gooooooddddd though!

The left picture is from yesterday, during the storm, the right s from this morning.

The bro and I decided to check out the scene... As you can see, there were plenty of people on the street going nowhere fast. The bus that got stuck last night was still there, along with a new bus. Both drivers were in their vehicles...

That white stuff is snow... It looked like a desert storm.

My sad snow angel...
I love this pic....

Snowmaggedon was one of the 6 biggest snowstorms to hit the east coast. It falls right behind the storm of 1996 (which I remember vividly!)


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