Dec 2, 2010

Throwback Thursday: Michael Jackson "Smooth Criminal"

"Annie are you Okay? Said annie are you Okay, are you okay Annie? You've been hit by, a SMOOTH criminal!" 
Only Mr. Jackson can capture my brain for a full ten minutes without moving.
I LIVE for that a capella groaning section. I love it! The dancing in this was AMAZING as always and i LOVE the speakeasy theme. I'm convinced i was born in the wrong decade.
I have some questions though Michael...
Who the hell is Annie?
IS she okay?
Do you ever find out if she's okay?

*SIGH* Oh Michael... You're so magical!


  1. Ah my girl absolutly LOVES that song! *Classic*

  2. nice blog, great topics.
    RIP MJ, Love him


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