Dec 14, 2010

Vashtie Kola And The Air Jordan Retro 2 = DOPE

Vashtie Kola and Jordan released the Air Jordan Retro 2 shoe a few months ago (October 2nd). The partnership between Jordan and Vashtie is groundbreaking; Vashtie is the first female to personally design a shoe for the brand!

Vashtie Kola is already an artist, videographer, and fashion designer. On top of that, after meeting her at my internship, I can say she is a down to earth sweetheart!

The sneaker is lavender suede, and silver bottoms, with violet stitching and sole. She seemed to have drawn the inspiration for the shoe color from her own company Violette.

Now I am by no means a sneaker feign, but I do enjoy my occasional funky sneaker-wear.
These are SUPER cute and I like them even more because they are in my FAVORITE COLOR.. PURPLE!
Vashtie is a dope female, even if you don't like sneakers, you have to respect that she is the first to do it. A true pioneer...

What do you think about the Air Jordan Retro 2?


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