Dec 18, 2010

What Did I Do On My Bday? Go Pole Dancing Of Course!

My birthday was last Sunday, and what better way to celebrate than go POLE DANCING CLASSES!
My girls and I took an hourlong class at NY Pole Dancing at it was the best hour EVER!

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We had a great time. The ladies were super sweet and encouraging. My instructor was crazy in the best way!

By the end of our session, I was TIRED!
Strippers get no credit, they are some STRONG individuals!
Lol, only one of us could climb the pole, coincidently, it was the one who missed half the lesson... Hmmmm, maybe she has a secret profession? *SMILE* Just kidding :-D

Good times.

After my lesson, i was compelled to come home and listen to these songs (forgive me in advance for the ignorance that will ensue once you click play):
"Fight for what broad? These hoes ain't mine, is you out yo mnd? You out yo league, I sweat no b*tches, I sweat out weaves"

"Only thing you could ask me  Is how I want my sandwiches: I want more cheese! Lots and lots of cheese!"
*HANGS HEAD IN SHAME* Please don't judge me *giggle*


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  1. awww i wanna start doing pole dancing too! my friend is a professional!

  2. haha what interesting way of spending a birthday! looks fun xD...happy birthday btw!!


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  4. Oo000ooo00hhh, pole dancing is a girl's best friend.
    Apparently, it's frowned upon once you have a fiance and are basically married.
    Sad face.

  5. Ha! My friends and I took a pole dancing class a few years ago and loved it. Glad you enjoyed yourseld.

  6. i wish i wasn't clumsy or i might try that! there's a video of a guy pole dancing to katy perry's "ET" that's amazing.

  7. OMG Girl I have wanted to do this for soooo long!! I hope you had fab time and an even more fab bday!!!!


  8. this looks so fun! happy belated bday!

  9. happy belated! those shoes are stunning!

  10. I would literally fall off that pole. I dont know how strippers do it. I have a whole new respect for them.


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