Dec 28, 2010

Willow Smith Is Just Too Cute For Words!

The beautiful Willow Smith recently interviewed with Yahoo Music and discussed a plethora of topics.
The little "Diva In Training" talked about everything from her parents to whether or not she will remake her father’s 1988 hit, “Parents Just Don’t Understand”.
When asked about her upcoming singles, Willow was VERY hush hush!
I see mommy and daddy invested in a media trainer! Way to go Will & Jada!

Click "READ MORE" for the interview as well as behind the scenes footage of her London Times shoot...

"Why did Meeting Jay-Z make you nervous?

Because he’s Jay-Z! He’s sold like…..I don’t even know how many albums he’s sold. I was nervous because what if he said “So, Willow why do you want to sing?” and I’m like “Because… because I want to sing.” He would be like”Okay.” I was just really nervous."

She is so adorable!
She is definitely my favorite celeb kid, let's hope she doesn't go to Disney and become a coke snorting, naked picture taking, skank.
Did I just say that?

Check out some pictures of Willow:

Why is she so fly? She has more swag than me and i'm more than TWICE her age!

Little Willow...

If I ever have kids, I want them to be just like the Smiths!


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  1. A few of the photographs you threw up are def. on point. She's an interesting character in her own right

  2. Willow truly rock - doing alot at such a young age..
    x x

  3. She is so freaking adorable. You lookslike Jada but dang it if she doesn't act like her father. I think they have done a great job with their kids and encouraging them to do whatever makes them happy. They have a great parenting style. I love them!I want a marriage and family like that.

  4. she looks adorable! i like her hair like this a lot. she should stick with it.


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