Jan 19, 2011

Beyonce Set To Release 2nd Fragrance: "Heat: Rush"

Never let it be said that the ever amazing Beyonce is lazy.
Beyonce was supposed to be taking a break.
She lied (thankfully so).
Bey is set to release her 2nd fragrance following her highly successful perfume debut with Heat.
As you all already know, I "caught the fever" with my Heat gift set so I am excited to see what she will give us next.
Apparently this new version, which is scheduled to hit stores next month, is a lighter daytime scent.

Click "READ MORE" for the smell test and promo pics of Heat Rush...

Check out the promo pics:

She looks stunning... as usual!



  1. Am depending on ya to buy me one of it when it comes out...lol Since you just made me a little broke...:=) I love Beyonce, I used her first perfume when it came out...ha ha.

  2. Beyonce is the best! I have her perfume too, it smells really good unlike the kim k. 1.

  3. I'm not sure I'll be buying this, but I love that dress she has on!



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