Jan 8, 2011

Falling Whistles: A Campaign For Peace In The Congo

One of my passions in life is humanitarianism.
More and more we are becoming more of a global society and less “individual” nations.
Day by day there are social injustices being done to people all over the world but children are where we have to draw the line.
Although I am Caribbean, I am fully aware that Africa is my mother country and for that fact, I have always been concerned with the state of Africa’s well being.

Africa, although not all war ridden, has some of the fiercest battles being fought today over inanimate objects.
The Falling Whistles Campaign is a heartbreaking yet ingenious one.
The campaign originally started because children in The Democratic Republic of Congo are being kidnapped and sent to the frontlines of war.
Because these children are so young, fragile, and scared, they cannot hold, nor shoot, a gun. The people who are taking these children arm them with nothing but a whistle… A whistle folks, that is all.
The story came to light from a small journal that made its way from The DR of Congo to America. Once people heard about what was going on, one question was asked: What can we do?
By supporting the Falling Whistles campaign, 100%, that’s right ONE HUNDRED percent, of the proceeds go to rehabilitating the boys that escape the madness that is their reality.
With your help, “Their weapon could be our voice” (the campaign’s slogan).

The whistle prices range from $34 to a limited edition $104 gold whistle. With your purchase, you also get a free journal.

Personally, I think this is a great deal. We would quickly spend $34 on some MAC makeup or shoes, why not trade in that one splurge and do something to help?

I am ordering mine today, when I get it I will do a post. If you buy one, do a post too!
 Please repost this, and if you can, support the cause.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is home to THE world’s deadliest war since WWII.
According to the Falling Whistles website,
“Over the last decade more than 6 million people have died, and nearly 1,500 people continue to lose their lives daily. Sexual violence is more rampant here than anywhere else in the world, and thousands of children are involved in the war.”
Centuries of the socio-economic breakdown of the land of Africa are to blame.
Natural resources, such as gold, diamonds, uranium and more are to blame. Outsiders come to the country and see one thing: DOLLAR SIGNS.
Since money can make people do some strange things, the only people left with the short end of the stick are the Congolese.

Many celebs have also been supporting the campaign:
My girl Beyonce decorated hers with spikes...


Gwenyth P.

Hillary is rocking the limited edition...

Riri rocks hers too!

So get yours, spread the word, let's all do our little part!
Follow Falling Whistles on Twitter for more info



  1. thank you for posting this- This is one of my favorite campaigns to end the war. I will post about it right now :) Thank you for reminding me of the importance to give.

    Be sure to enter my "Buttons & Bows Giveaway" HERE if you haven't already :)


    xoxo Summer.

  2. As much as I want to pay attention to the piece of jewellery and the cause, I can;t help taking a peak at their outfits and stating that I am in LOVE with Ciara's cardi, Gwynnie's cargos, Hilary Duff's jumper and Rihanna's (what looks like) burgandy-leather braces!! its like the necklace has special fashion powers lol



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