Jan 4, 2011

I Don't Need...

"I don't need to see your cleavage or your thighs, in fact, i'm still getting over your eyes..."
"I do need to laugh with you, I do need to dream with you, I do need to be able to be HONEST with you."
"Maybe i'm getting old but I find that when you get to know women vertically, they can be very interesting..."
Amen Akala!
Where are the men who think like THIS?
Point me in their direction, please and thank you!
As a young female in today's society, it's so difficult trying to get to know a guy... at least I think so!

Sidenote: It's official, i'm marrying a man with an accent (preferably English)... It gives me shivers :-)



  1. Nice song..great lyrics...yeah is incredibly hard trying to find a guy like that...haha I think english accent is really cool though sometimes I get a little bit confused as of what they are saying hahaha


  2. WOW. I think I just melted. I would also like to know where the fellas like this are!!! They are either taken or hiding under rocks or taken bc I have yet to meet a guy who thinks like this!! :/

    That GOOD GOOD Blog


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