Jan 21, 2011

I've Hit 100 followers! Plus, Song Of The Day

Yay! I've hit 100 followers!
Shout out to Veronica of Pretty Girl Rock for being the 100th follower.
Thank you guys for reading, sometimes I say "why the hell are you blogging?" Then I sign on and see new comments and remember that you guys are like an extended family to me :-)

I woke up feeling great, seeing this just an addition to the great mood I was in.
My theme song for the day:

This is not for only women, men too, be your Number One! If you don't love you, how can someone else?



  1. Yeah to reaching 100...lucky number...where the party at?...happy for YA

  2. Congrats to you and Veronica lol

  3. Awww congrats!! I'll make it your 101 follower :D.
    keep it up!

    Fashion Rehab

  4. Congratulations and please don't stop soon :D


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