Jan 6, 2011

Karl Lagerfeld Officially Chooses Blake Lively To Be The Face Of Chanel's New "Mademoiselle" Line!

Ahhhh! Two of my favorite things have now been combined!
Blake Lively is one of my female crushes. She's freaking beautiful, classy, with a little bit of "beach girl cool" all wrapped in one.
So it only makes sense that a brand... MEGA BRAND like Coco Chanel would pick miss Lively to be their new face of the "MADEMOISELLE” handbag line.
According to the Chanel website:
"Her spontaneity and fresh, youthful image have convinced Chanel that she is the right person to represent the house and this range of bags."
The launch of the “MADEMOISELLE” campaign will be photographed by Karl Lagerfeld and is scheduled for mid-March 2011.

Blake and her pooch took some cute pictures. I've been meaning to put them up but never got the chance.




  1. aaah blake! and her doggy! i love how she dresses him up. somehow it doesn't look obnoxious when she does it:) she's the epitome of cool!

  2. blake would be perfect. she can pull of anything.

  3. O am so excited for this collaboration as well. I cannot wait until the ads come out. Thanks for your lovely comment!

    Sarah Jane R.

  4. I love her.. she is fabulous and she will do so well at Chanel campaign
    Lee x

  5. I guess I can understand that. Blake Lively's show, as dumb as it is, is worth watching for all the clothes, and now that's what all the actresses are known for. I wouldn't surprised if they all ended up with some sort of fashion endorsement deal.


  6. Cool, I can't wait to see this campaign! I think she is so beautiful and I love watching her on GG. Her doggie is just adorbs too.

    Btw thanks for visiting my blog :)


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