Jan 31, 2011

Kevin Hart On "Lopez Tonight"

Kevin was on "Lopez Tonight" last week and even George couldn't stop laughing...


Kevin Hart makes me laugh so hard it's disgusting!
I tried to eat lunch and watch this... FAIL. I just had to put the food down and finish laughing!
I love a good comedian... Bernie Mac, Monique, Kym Whitley, Katt Williams, Cedric The Entertainer, Dave Chapelle, Mike Epps... all  of them!
Nothing soothes my soul like a good laugh. 
If you havent seen his latest "Seriously Funny" DVD, you're missing out. 
It is pure comedy!



  1. I think Kevin Hart is hilarious but I was kinda mad that he didn't help the girl.. who does that? He's a cutie, even though he only comes in bite size. lol If he was taller, he'd be running neck and neck with my next husband, Idris Alba. =)

  2. He cracks me up. The model was sat in a bath filled with water if she can't help herself (see:dunking head in water) then she doesn't deserve to receive help lol.


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