Jan 15, 2011

MAC Cosmetics Introduces: Wonder Woman

For all my makeup lovers, I discovered a wonderful piece of information...
MAC Cosmetics will be releasing a new line called "Wonder Woman"!
The line launches in the US on February 10, 2011 and internationally in March 2011.
MAC is partnering with the feminine icon to bring us an array of bright lip colors, shadows, glosses and more! 
Just like Wonder Woman, the packaging is just as bright and cunning.
Beautiful eye-popping accessories compliment the bold lipstick tubes and shadow cases.
Check a few of the promo pics...

I've been recently getting into lipstick so i just may have to get one or two of them along with that gold mirror!
Speaking of MAC, i just came from there yesterday and i purchased a new hot pink lipstick... SUPER SEXY! I'll do a pist on it soon.

What do you think of the new line?



  1. I'm definitely going to save (i have a month,LOL) to buy from this collection. It will probably be brush and eyeshadow kit.

  2. I'll definately check this out I'm lookign out for a lipstick that suits me :)


  3. Cute! I saw some folks talking about this on Twitter.

  4. I am SO excited for the Wonder Woman collection!

  5. I really really really like it!
    I <3 MAC



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