Jan 26, 2011

WTF Wednesday: Do You Know What Sexual Harassment Is?

I thought this picture was too cute.
Click the "READ MORE" button to see an interesting (to say the least) video on what "Sexual Harassment" is in the workplace.
It's safe to say that because it is "WTF Wednesday" material, nonsense shall ensue in
5, 4, 3, 2... Go press play!

Lol WHAT?!
"I'll never stop Nancy... Never." *Insert horrible crying face* 
Oh my gosh... this video is too much.

I'd like to know:
  • How old is this short video?
  • Is this video real?
  • Do people actually show this video to employers/employees?
If this video is real, someone needs to call the government. I don't know which department but call somebody. The FDA, CIA, FBI, The Pentagon, The Whitehouse... Somebody.
This is just a plain, up and down, NO!

If I saw this in my office, i'd quietly get up, pack my things, and walk out.
Clearly my HR department is on something if they believed this was a good idea to show me.

Another funny pic before I go:


  1. LMAO! now that photo just cracked me up.

  2. lol...u so hilarious.lol l sure will sue the doctor.lol

  3. LMBO!! Funny! I don't think that vid is real! Couldn't be!! smh


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