Jan 19, 2011

WTF Wednesday: Natalie Nunn Speaks On Wiz & Amber... #SITDOWN

Natalie Nunn has decided to speak on the whole "Wiz Khalifa+Amber Rose" situation and to be honest, she could have just stayed silent.
Click "READ MORE" to view the video. Please be 18 or older, explicit language after the jump...

WTF is Natalie Nunn talking about?!
Chick, what the hell?
Who the hell told you that you were hot?
Are you drunk?
Are you high?
 I know you said you don't smoke but this video is NOT a testament to that.
And what is up with this "YARRRDA mean"? 
*Rolling my eyes*
You talking about the fact that you have a college degree but your foolish behind is acting like you didn't even graduate high school!
You're about as JUVENILE as a prepubescent girl who hasn't grown boobs or even plucked her damn eyebrows yet. 

So hot chocolate and turkey burgers excite you? Mmm kay.
Then she says "to make a long story short" a million times.

You're not making the story short. You're wasting oxygen!
You know, i'm blaming her for some of the holes in the ozone layer. She is blowing HOT AIR.
She sounds like a hoodrat.

Natalie, for the record, if you DIDN'T care, you wouldn't have made this video.
If you didn't care, your thirsty ass wouldn't be claiming that "you love him".

You talking about "you run LA".
If you ran LA you would NOT be caught dead flying commercial. I see you gurl! You better stock up on them peanuts and soda!
 And why does your weave look like that? Smh, if you were going to come for Amber, at least make sure you put some makeup on (sorry you can't ride the whole 'naturally pretty' train) and comb your Brazilian Wave weave. With those forever rough edges... No ma'am.
When your only claim to fame is the fact that you were in a reality show, you're the butt of every comedians joke, and you are a media thirsty trollop, you need to re-think your life.

You are NOT "the biznezz".

Let's compare who is the better candidate shall we:

And the winner is:

Now I have to go say a prayer because she just made me sin on my soul y'all.



  1. It's not like either of these girls are really good examples of black culture or girls in general. I do respect Amber for her hairstyle. Not too many girls can pull that off.

  2. I agree Xay, both are definitely not my top picks to represent but jezz, keep your mouth closed if you know that your not doing much better!

  3. I agree with Xay, either one I would want my little girl to look up to as role models. But I do love Amber's style and her hair, she is one of a kind. Natalie...lol, from "The Bay" lol... what a shame of worthless talent. Smh.

  4. This post is too funny i love the title of the post too..WTF Weds lol

    xoxo Monroe

    Fashion Steele NYC

  5. I can't believe I watched the whole video!!! Natalie is trash and she's just trying to extend her 15 minutes ugh!! I agree with everyone who responded to this crap.

  6. Chiming in from the Bay. This tacky skank needs to stop saying she's from the Bay. She took the class level down 100 notches! Ugly hair, ugly make-up and foot for a chin. NOOO! and BOOO!

    Not a bad bish AT ALL! A gutta bish YES! A Yamp, bop, run! Yes!

    And only the hoodrat ratchetness says ya mean like that in the Bay. And she not doing/saying it right! You spose to be gutta with it!

    Just sooooooooo disrespecful to the Bay! And the music clips in the background?? Girl Stop it!

    It doesn't matter what they did together he is"on to the next one" so get over it!! She CLEARLY gives a fluck!

    And for the record why these chicks getting upset over this dude?? Does he have more than one popular song?? He is not all that anyway

  7. i am a follwer of your blog! and its great!

    yes she should have kept her rude mouth shut! blehhh.

  8. I have such a girl crush on Amber Rose =) Her body is sick!

  9. does anybody have any fuckin idea wtf natalie nunn is talkin about when she opens her mouth? 5 minutes into the video she's saying she's gonna tell it how it all went down....and she never fuckin says anything.

    Walla Walla college needs to stop giving birds degrees.


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