Jan 12, 2011

WTF Wednesday: Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi Has A Book

Aside frome being a hot, drunken, sloppy, out of control mess, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi can now say she is an "author".
Heaven help us.

The reality plague "actress" stopped by the 'Late Show with David Letterman' on Monday to convince people why they should check it out.
She gave viewers her Top 10 reasons to check out her new book.
The list included AMAZING (sarcasm) reasons, such as: 
  • A blank page to stick your gum
  • 200 pages of hangover cures
  • An offer to grind with buyers at any nightclub if you can show her the receipt
  • The economy will be fixed
and much more...

She did all this looking like her usual, orange, overstuffed self.

Click "Read More" for the video of Snooki's Top 10... 

Im not even mad at her... really, i'm not.
What I will be mad at is if ANYONE I know buys the book.
They deserve to be beat and publicly humiliated!

Lol Snooki is a mess but i thank her. She single handedly brought back COCG's "WTF Wednesday's".

Her book, 'A Shore Thing,' is apparently about her search for love.


  1. Omg why?...What have we done to her..she is really like a force of nature (and not in any good sense) I´m just tired of seeing here EVERYWHERE...though she does makes a good WTF Wednesdays hehe


  2. THis actually doesn't bother me as much as one would think. Kinda cool to be honest. As much as trainwreck that she is she reminds me of the same kind of gimmick K.Kardashian pulled.

    I prolly won't pick up the book, but I do know it'll prolly be a best-seller

  3. Enough with Snooki already! She is a drunken tanned ball of mess!

  4. Just checking out your blog. You do have a great blog here

  5. I don't know that walking shit stain personally, but dammit what does she have to say? What knowledge can she give to the world besides drinking and going man hunting? Lord help me!

  6. OMG reality plague!! I love it!! I can't help but love that show. It's soooo stupid.

    :-) Michelle



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